What are the differences between Crumar Seven and Crumar Seventeen?

Basically Seven and Seventeen are different instruments but they share some features.

1) Sounds: Seven has multiple physical modeled engines plus the sample player, Seventeen has only one physical modeled engine (Rhodes sound) and all the rest are sampled or hybrid.

2) Features: Seven has a different panel layout for example with effects section always on disposal, Seventeen is more based on presets. Seven does not have a display, Seventeen has it. Seven has an editor that you can access with the wifi module or via USB, the editor of Seventeen is built-in and you can change the settings with the display and the controls in the panel. 

3) Accessories: Seven comes with included legs and sustain pedal. The same accessories are compatible with Seventeen however they need to be purchased separately, as they are not included. Legs and bag for legs - code -PLS-04. Crumar sustain pedal - code - CSP-40.