USB editor - how to

If your Mojo61/Seven/Mojo Classic is updated with the latest firmware (the wired editor doesn't work with old firmwares) you can take advantage of the USB (or wired) editor. This is how it works.

1) Be sure to have a Windows computer or a MAC computer or an Android device connected to the world wide web. It doesn't work with ipad or iphone because Apple has inhibited Chrome to use MIDI sysex.

2) Be sure to have Google Chrome installed: the USB editor does not work with Safari or Explorer, only Chrome. Be sure you don't have any adblocker or something similar. You also must be sure that Web MIDI API are installed,  working and not blocked by antiviruses or adblockers or similar softwares or settings.

3) Connect a USB A/B cable from your instrument to your computer.

4) Open this web page (of course... with Chrome!!!) :

5) Select your instrument.

In this page you can also find an useful tool: a free and reliable midi monitor that you can use with any device: